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Using the Admin Control Panel

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Information provided on this page will allow you to fully manage the Content Publishing and Content Editing within your website. Once you have reviewed the various elements that make up the Admin Control Panel listed below, you will be able to Edit any content found in a CATEGORY page, in a Product page, or in a CONTENT Page, such as a blog article.

Be sure to login to your Admin Control Panel first, then click on the corresponding links shown in the following screenshots and follow the instructions provided to edit your website content.


After you have logged in to the Admin page, note the following two sections where all of your website CONTENT can be found and edited:

as shown here:

and clicking on PRODUCTS or CONTENT links, will load each of these sections:


Under PRODUCTS and CONTENT sections shown above, you will find two types of items:

1. CATEGORIES and SUBCATEGORIES (with yellow folder icons)
2a. Content Pages found only in CONTENT section, or
2b. Product Pages, found only in PRODUCTS section, that do not have a yellow folder icon next to their name,
as shown here:

NOTE: CATEGORIES may contain additional SUBCATEGORIES and/or CONTENT or PRODUCTS inside them. To see what is inside any given CATEGORY, click on the YELLOW FOLDER ICON of any given CATEGORY:


In order to EDIT CONTENT found within CATEGORY or CONTENT PAGE, you first must Select it.
Once a CATEGORY or CONTENT PAGE is selected, it will be shown with a darker blue highlighted color.
To select it, you want to click in the empty section or the background then click EDIT:

How to select and edit a CATEGORY:

Where each CATEGORY content is edited:

How to select and edit a CONTENT Page or a PRODUCT Page:

Where each CONTENT Page or a PRODUCT Page is edited:

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