EiffelWeb Packages

DO IT YOURSELF Economical Webiste Packages
EiffelWEB provides a fully designed, ready-to-launch website with placeholder Content for Categories, Paragraphs, and Images, based on your desired theme and website package of choice. 24 hours after placing your order, you can reference our Customer Tutorials to edit the placeholder content (Pages, Products, Paragraphs, Images, Banners, Videos, etc.) appearing on your new website.

If you need help beyond our provided Customer Tutorials, you can request a Web Updates Consultation to assist with any aspect of your website updates.

If you prefer that we design, build, and create any of your company or website Contents (graphic banners, company brand elements, website copy, banner images, social graphics, and/or videos), please use our Web Branding Consultation. This service allows you to discuss your unique project needs, get answers to your questions, and prepare a web branding plan tailored to your company.

BASIC Hosting Plan
One-Time Setup Fee:
<b>BASIC</b> Hosting Plan<br><b>$19.99/month</b><br>One-Time Setup Fee:
Starting $199.00
PRO Hosting Plan
One-Time Setup Fee:
<b>PRO</b> Hosting Plan<br><b>$49.99/month</b><br>One-Time Setup Fee:
Starting $325.00
ECOMMERCE Hosting Plan
One-Time Setup Fee:
<b>ECOMMERCE</b> Hosting Plan<br><b>$239.99/month</b><br>One-Time Setup Fee:
Starting $1,230.00
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EiffelWeb Branding

Full Service Website Design and Branding Website Packages
While our basic packages provide you a complete website that can go live within 3-4 business days at very economic PRICING, we do realize that certain customers could benefit from a fully custom DESIGNED and DEVELOPED website package, where a design group provides the entire spectrum of services for you.

If your brand needs such a service, our Branding packages may be just the solution for you, as they eliminate the burden of Design, Development, SEO, Social Media and UI/UX technicalities from your in-house staff/team.
In the event that your company needs a more sophisticated, branded and custom designed solution to suit your business and marketing needs, is available with full service digital agency capabilities, to create, design and develop a custom solution for your your online presence. EiffelMedia can also help you with SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Content Writing and PR.

Branding Package
<b>BRONZE</b> <br>Branding Package
Starting $2,499.00
Branding Package
<b>GOLD</b><br> Branding Package
Starting $4,999.00
Branding Package
<b>PLATINUM</b> <br>Branding Package
Starting $6,499.00
Branding Package
Custom Project
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Digital Marketing

We have listed the most common entry level services that most new customers inquire about. is available with full service digital agency capabilities to provide a custom marketing and advertising solution for your company based on your specific needs.

Social Media Branding
and Design
Social Media <b>Branding</b> <br>and <b>Design</b>
Starting $419.99
Social Media Marketing
Social Media <b>Marketing</b><br> $219.99/Month
Starting $735.00
Local SEO and PPC
Local <b>SEO</b> and <b>PPC </b><br> $749.99/Month
Starting $3,250.00
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Web Consultation

Can't determine what your next step should be?
If you have read our FAQ page and still need an experienced professional team to guide you in your decision making, we invite you to schedule a 2 hour minimum PHONE or VIDEO MEETING or SCHEDULE A PHONE CONSULTATION, to discuss your brand web presence needs.

We will gladly apply your consultation fees as credit towards any custom EiffelWeb BRANDING services you order.

Starting $27/hr rate
<b>WEBSITE UPDATES</b><br> Consultation<br> Starting $27/hr rate
Starting $27.00
Starting $95/hour
<b>WEBSITE BRANDING</b> <br>Consultation <br>Starting $95/hour
Starting $95.00