Take customer orders by phone

Submit an online order under your customer's name.
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As an Administator, you can: - Create an account and place an order on your customer's behalf, or - Login to your customer account, and complete their order by phone
Login to your ADMIN Control Panel MY ACCOUNT page
Click on LOGIN link appearing on the top header of your website, which will redirect you to your company login page, that will look similar to this URL:

Enter your main company email address and your password, which will likely be in the format of: info@yourdomain.com

Upon successful login, you will see MY ACCOUNT page, where you to click on SIGNUP NEW CUSTOMERS AND VIEW ALL CUSTOMERS text link to start the process of placing NEW ORDER for new or existing customer, or to help COMPLETE EXISTING ORDER for an existing customer.

Search for EXISTING CUSTOMER Account

Search and Locate an existing customer account
You may scroll the list of customer accounts, or use the SEARCH ALL CUSTOMERS section to find a customer account.
Search for EXISTING CUSTOMER Account

Create NEW CUSTOMER Account

If the customer's Name and Email is not listed in that section, you will need to add your customer to the database, by filling out the SIGNUP NEW CUSTOMER section appearing on that same page and click ADD NEW USER button. You will be taken to the home page and you can start adding products to your shopping cart and go to checkout, where you will see your customer's information listed.
Create NEW CUSTOMER Account


If your customer has added products to cart and has not completed the checkout process, you can simply click on the LOGIN button appearing next to that customer's name, which will allow you to complete your custom's current incomplete order, under your customer’s name.

Complete <b>EXISTING CUSTOMER</b> Order

Place a New order for an EXISTING CUSTOMER

Once you have clicked on PLACE ORDER appearing next to your customer, go to SHOP or ORDER page of your website and start adding products into your shopping cart.

Once you select CHECKOUT, you will be asked to confirm the SHIPPING ADDRESS, BILLING ADDRESS and CREDIT CARD information of your customer in order to complete the transaction.
Place a New order for an <b>EXISTING CUSTOMER</b>
You may also login to your customer's account, by clicking on the LOGIN button found next to each existing customer listed, in order to review a transaction that is in progress, in the event that customer is having difficulty completing the order.
Eiffel Media
      October 23, 2018

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