Manage Online Orders

Using ADMIN Control Panel or by logging in to your website

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Click on LOGIN link appearing on the top header of your website, which will redirect you to your company login page, that will look similar to this URL:

Enter your main company email address and your password, which will likely be in the format of: info@yourdomain.com

Once you have logged in, you will see MY ACCOUNT page, where all incoming orders will be automatically sorted to the following status:
VIEW PENDING ORDERS - these are brand new orders
VIEW PROCESSING ORDERS - orders will move to this section after you change its status from PENDING to PROCESSING.

To change the status of any order, click on Purchase No. section of any order, and at the very bottom of the page you will have the option to change the status in a drop down menu.

Once you are done, click UPDATE & RETURN and you will be taken back to MY ACCOUNT page.
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