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The following features are available upon order.
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SiteAnalytics (SuperTracker) ($13.95/month)
Analyze each visitor session in great detail
Get an in depth view of each visitor session, such as:
- specific URL referred from
- keywords typed (in search engines)
- device used
- landing page
- total number of clicks
- total number of Products, Categories and Content Pages viewed
- Products added to shopping cart
- Page-by-Page record of Products, Categories and Content Pages visited, in the order of pages clicked on.
- and much more.   
LiveCHAT ($23.95/month)
Add Live Chat function and store into ticketing system
Enable LIVE CHAT button that will automatically CREATE and STORE all live chats as Online Tickets under each customer's account.

You may CHAT LIVE and afterwards follow-up on that live chat conversation within an online ticket interface.

If both parties are online at any point in the future, both can initiate and continue a new LIVE CHAT session as part of that same topic/ticket.

All related live chat sessions will be stored in that same ticket as a continuous conversation.   
Viewing 1 to 4 (of 4 items)


Web  |  Features  |  Add-On Features